Our Story

Why we do what we do! Watch the Video and learn a little more about our history and how the Education Rebound began!

Our History

"Together We can help them be their own heroes." - 'Shea Edwards 

EducationRebound® was developed in 2018 by inspirational speaker and entrepreneur Ronshea “Shea” Edwards after serving as an educator and principal in high needs schools. While serving as a alternative school reading teacher, Mrs. Edwards observed that the general lack of self-esteem and self-work was the leading reasoning behind their academic low performance. She soon discovered that her students did not really value themselves, therefore, they did not value their education. After taking a seven week pause from teaching the intensive reading curriculum, using her signature character education methodology, ValueRedefinedTM, she taught the students how to identify their motivators and how to redefine their personal values which aligns with the belief that every person on the planet is valuable and has a purpose. With only two weeks left to prepare her students for the Florida State Assessment, Mrs. “E” resumed teaching the reading curriculum. It was soon documented that over sixty five percent of her middle and high school students passed the state standard exam after taking her class. This experience coupled with her journey as a college dropout then returning to school in her 30’s, birth EducationRebound®, an education platform that empowers students to Regroup. Strategize and Score! 

With hopes to develop a structured education program, in the fall of 2018, Shea was accepted into the University of South Florida Ed.D program in Program Development with an emphasis in Educational Innovation. 2019, EducationRebound® landed a three-year contract with the Hillsborough County School District, the 8th largest school district in the U.S., providing intensive personal development workshops in the alternative schools, juvenile detention centers, homeless shelters and foster care programs. During the pandemic, Mrs. Edwards started an online tutoring service, as an additional resource provided by EducationRebound® and soon after partnered with Kiameshea Prewitt, who quickly developed and restructured the service now known as EdRebound® Tutors. EdRebound® Tutors provide K-12 academic tutoring with the mission to reinforce skills and build confidence in every student.

With a team of partners, fellow educators, community leaders and sponsors like you, EducationRebound® believes that we can provide our youth with the tools to grow into successful contributing members of society. 
With your help we can help them bounce back by empowering them to regroup, strategize and score.